Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Green Eyed Monster

In a world where class divisions are clearer than ever, envy is commonplace. You will always find someone who is “better” off than you in some way. The trouble with envy is that it keeps you down. Envy tells you more about yourself than it does about the other person. The heart of envy is a spirit of lack. Envy is as simple as looking at someone else, comparing your life to theirs, and judging your life as lacking in that comparison. In order to do this you have to devalue yourself, see little worth in your life, and dishonour yourself. It feels bad. When you focus on envy, guess what you get more of? That’s right, you get more reasons to be envious. Envy focuses you on what you lack, rather use that energy to appreciate what you have.

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A Matter of Trust

How easily do you trust? You may find that trust comes easier to you than you currently think. You may not trust a stranger on the street, but the more authority a person has, the more likely you are to buy into what they say. How about those TV ads that have testimonies from all their satisfied customers? Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player, once endorsed a health product, and Coca Cola at the same time. Do you think he believed the script he was told to read, yet for some reason we do. “They say,” has got to be one of the biggest sucker statements when it comes to buying your trust. Why do we do it? Perhaps it’s because we want the life that is offered, but how many cupboards in the world are filled with things that were guaranteed to change your life? So why not only trust once trustworthiness is proved? And by proved I mean not by someone else, but by you. If you are expected to trust someone or something with no established base of trustworthiness, tread cautiously. Only someone with something to hide would insist on trust where trustworthiness has not been proved.