Monthly Archives: September 2011

Learning to Ask

Greetings Transformation Junkies!

Ask and it shall be given, the answer comes with the desiring, seek and you will find. There are dozens of sayings that deal with learning to ask, yet so few people do.

It has been my experience that clients who don’t ask for help, don’t change. If you don’t ask, how will it be known that something should be given to you? So why don’t you ask? Here are some reasons:

Your pride won’t allow you to admit you need help.

You don’t believe that you deserve help.

You think that what you get won’t be enough or that you will lose it.

Learning to ask will bring in what you need, if you can ask, you can guarantee that some belief is stopping you from doing the most important thing you can do….ask!

Keep the shiny side up!


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