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Imagine This

Your unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality.

Have you ever thought about telling someone something and then later swearing you actually did because you remember doing it, but then finding out you didn’t? Or thinking about doing something then think you did because you remember it?

This little “trick” of the mind can be your greatest asset or you worst enemy, it all depends on how you choose to use it. What you spend time imagining will be accepted and actualized by your unconscious mind as reality. Imagine that for a moment!

Being faced with an uncertain outcome and imagining what that outcome could be will have a definite impact on the outcome. I am a big fan of positive day dreaming, fantastic imaginations, and flights of fancy. The more time you spend in awesome thoughts and good vibrations, the better your life will become.

Alternatively, worrying and fantasizing about the disaster that could happen will only serve to steer you down dark paths. So instead of crying about what you don’t have, imagine what you want!


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Fail! NOT!

There’s a relatively new thing going around, when you, or someone else, makes a “mistake” you yell “Fail!” It’s not a very resourceful way of looking at life. There is NO failure, only feedback. Well there is failure, but that is only when you just give up and don’t move forward anymore, but you don’t want that do you? When you don’t get the outcome you desired it is an opportunity for learning. You have just discovered a route that does not lead to your desired outcome. Take a deep breath and then take a different route, you may reach your desired outcome or you may find another route that doesn’t lead there. It is only a bad thing if you attach that meaning to it. No event is good or bad until we place judgment on it. Fail? I think not.

Beliefs are the Map

Beliefs describe what you consider to be reality to you. Though it is not necessarily so. Just as a map is a representation of a territory, and not the territory itself, so too are beliefs a representation of reality and not necessarily reality itself.

Say you believe that there are “no free lunches”. Is that true? Always? Say I bought you lunch just to treat you and expected nothing in return, would that belief still be true? You would certainly strive to make it true, and may succeed. The point is that it is only a representation of what you believe is reality, and not reality itself.

No one would attempt a journey to a new place with an outdated map, unless they wanted to get lost. Why would you go through life with outdated beliefs? Beliefs, like maps, need to be updated constantly if we want them to be good guides.

Fertile Ground

Fear makes the ground of your unconscious mind fertile for hypnotic suggestions. Using fear, you can en-trance an entire nation of people and then plant any suggestion you want, and they will follow it without questioning the logic of it.

Imagine, if you will, an insecure young lady in a relationship, she is terrified of being alone, and her partner tells her over and over, “You will never find anyone if you leave me,” Eventually she does leave, but finds it so difficult to establish a healthy relationship. She doesn’t question the logic behind her belief that “Good men just can’t be found,” and just carries on obeying the command to “Never find anyone” because she met the condition of leaving that man.

Or how about being told at a time when you’re afraid of the future that, “Don’t worry, you will always have just enough, you’ll see,” and then you wonder why you can’t get beyond just “making ends meet”.

This is one of the main reasons why you need to beware of fear, don’t make life changing decisions based on fear if you can avoid it, don’t let someone use fear to persuade you. As someone once said, FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

a Post Hypnotic World

Never been hypnotized? Really? I suppose it all depends on your definition of hypnosis. Say you couldn’t succeed beyond a certain point; you never got that promotion, you didn’t finish university, and you don’t complete what you start; and you just don’t understand why. Then one day you recall your Mom once saying, “Johnny is just like his father,” and you remember that your father never seemed to succeed beyond a certain point as well. You are living the results of post hypnotic suggestion. An accepted authority figure unknowingly planted a suggestion in your unconscious mind, you filled in the blanks yourself. So now you are following that suggestion to be “Just like” your father. Think about it, the way you dress, the car you drive, the friends you have, the job you have; were they all your idea, or are you living in a post hypnotic world?

Hope and Expectations

You may have been advised in the past, “Hope for the best but expect the worst and you won’t be disappointed,” That isn’t very good advice, but it is an accurate statement. You won’t be disappointed, but then you won’t be pleasantly surprised either. In the above statement, which carries more energy, hope or expectation? The expectation.  Hope, by today’s standards, is often like wishful thinking, we put our energy into our expectations.

Ever heard yourself saying, “I expected that to happen,”? Well done, you created a reality, that means that you do have the ability to create the reality that you want. To really hope for something is to imagine the best thing possible and then expect it to happen. You can’t hope for one thing and expect another as it just cancels it all out.

Have you ever noticed how your expectations determine your focus? Most people tend to desire a positive outcome, but expect the worst possible one, and then get proved right. To really focus on something you have to have congruency, that means that you desire what you want AND you expect it too. The next time, (and I expect that there won’t be one for you, so you may have to use someone else as an example) you find yourself with an undesired outcome, take a good look at what you hoped for and what you were really expecting to happen. Do they match up? Now you may be wondering how to change your expectations, and it’s very good to wonder, your expectations are your beliefs in action. What you believe about a situation is what you will expect in that situation, your beliefs are the roots of your expectations. You can discover your beliefs by examining your expectations, and vice versa. Changing your limiting beliefs will alter your  expectations, and change your life. And that’s a VERY good thing.

Go get creating!

The Myth of Time

Does tomorrow exist? Not really, you never reach tomorrow, whatever time it is that you are breathing in is now. When you reach tomorrow then it is now, and tomorrow remains out of your grasp. It’s always now. So why waste time worrying about something that will happen in tomorrow? Why make plans for that matter? By all means make plans and set goals, but don’t set them as if they are going to happen tomorrow, set them in as though they are happening now. So instead of setting the goal like this: I will make R1000 in the next month; set it like that, it is now one month from today, and I have made R1000. If you tell your unconscious mind that it will happen tomorrow, then it never will. If you tell it that it is happening now, then it will make it happen now.

Live in the Now!!



I once asked a friend of mine why he was quiet, he said, “I am just running through the possibilities in my head,” my response was, “Well pick the one you really want and just rehearse that one.” You see the possibility that you give the most energy to, will be the possibility you get.

The sad truth is that most people focus on what they don’t want. They put their energy into a feared possibility then worry it into existence.

When you finally come to terms with the fact that you cause your life, including where you are and what you have now, and what you did and had yesterday, you will be able to enjoy the success you want.

Either you master your thoughts or your thoughts will master you, and that is the battleground you should be gaining victory on, it is there that your life is determined.

Slow Down

A man once asked a guru how he could fix his life, and life a life of quality and meaning, the guru simply replied, “Ruthlessly eliminate all hurry from your life,”. The man walked away disappointed as he expected a long discourse on life, but got a short reply. That’s life.

Speed kills, when you are blazing through life at a million miles an hour, you can’t stop and smell the roses, let alone notice them.

Regardless of what you may have been told, living on little sleep and being on the go constantly is not the optimal situation for the body. Sure, there is a time for speed, but there is a time for slow too.

A wise man once said, “Balance is the key to life,” I think that should be our goal in most things. My advice would be to walk, and only run if you absolutely have to. You may be hooked on the adrenalin, but your body isn’t equipped to deal with constant high doses, and eventually will begin to shut down in order to force you to slow down.

Life is to be savoured and enjoyed, you can still achieve great success and not have to be hasty about it.

I’m a Model, You Know What I Mean.

You’re a model, yes you are. You are modeling the life you are living. If someone were to do what you did, think your thoughts, and behave in the same way as you, they would have lives just like yours. Why do you think children turn out the way they do?

On a more positive note, if you want to be something, say a champion cyclist, here’s what you need to do: Find a champion cyclist and copy them. Copy their behaviour, do what they do, find out how they think and think that way too. If you can do all of that, then you will be a champion cyclist.

Of course, ecology plays a role, by this I mean how it affects your life. Perhaps being a champion cyclist isn’t a good fit for your life and circumstances. For the most part it holds true, find the life you want, then model it.