Monthly Archives: May 2011

What We Defend Against

A lot of money is made by people who scare us into defending against potential threats and disasters. How much money do you spend on “safeguarding” your life? Now I am not saying that you should stop this, especially if it is your current conviction that you should “safeguard” your life. Consider however, the fear that can be generated when considering which safeguards you need, remembering that by belief and feeling you choose your reality. What we defend against we ultimately cause. Think about what is happening in the western world, and then think about what we are told to fear. Fear is big business, and we tend to get proof of what we fear. Because we cause it. We invest in the fear bank, and we get huge returns, with interest.


Vertical Time

Ever stood on a crossroads? From one point you can choose four roads, each leading to a different place, each is yours to choose depending on which direction you want to go. Quantum Physics puts forward that every conceivable outcome to your situation remains a possibility until you choose one, which then becomes reality. This says, in other words, that when it comes to your life, there are no accidents. You choose your reality by your beliefs, the strongest one decides the path. By beliefs I mean thoughts that you think over and over accompanied by emotion. So if you believe something will happen, and the belief carries with it strong emotion, then you are choosing a path, a quantum possibility. The reality you live in now is the reality you chose, but it doesn’t have to be the reality you remain in.

Wealth 101 – A Wealthy Heart

Money comes to those who have wealth in their hearts. This is the foundation of financial prosperity. You cannot have in your reality what you don’t first possess in your heart. Reality is merely and outward reflection of what’s in your heart. So before you can become financially prosperous, you must first get wealth in your heart. This means that you have to believe that you are wealthy.  When I say financially prosperous, I am not talking about winning the lotto, although that may be a part of it. So many people who strike it lucky don’t keep the wealth they get. They soon revert back to their poverty. Why? Because in their hearts they are still the poor people they were before they won. Money can’t stay around people who don’t believe they are wealthy. Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to get ahead, yet you don’t seem to ever have enough? You don’t have wealth in your heart. It can work no other way, you will get exactly what you already have in your heart.

Prayer is a Feeling.

So many people I have met have complained that God doesn’t answer prayers.
God responds to feelings, and not words. Why? Because feelings, not matter how you try to hide them, always tell the truth about your intentions and desires, words don’t. Another reason is that God doesn’t speak language as we do. We interpret what God says into language, but when He listens, He listens to the heart. God is fair though, He is faithful to give us whatever we ask for with feeling, He doesn’t discriminate. Here is how to pray, claim whatever it is that you want, then spend time feeling as though you have it. So many people pray, but then spend time feeling as though they don’t have it, and never will. Their true prayer is “Don’t give it to me!” Manage your feelings, as through them, you pray unceasingly.

We Are All Connected

Science has proved the existence of an energy field that permeates everything. What’s more, they have detected that this field is intelligent, and have dubbed it “The Mind of God.” Some call it the “Super Conscious”. Whatever you want to call it, it’s there, regardless of what you may or may not believe. We are so much more than just flesh and bone.

Ever decided to phone a loved one, and they were calling you as you called them? Ever have a brilliant idea only to discover someone else had it? Ever wonder why everyone seemed to be on the road at the same time, or everyone behaved a certain way, like a flock of birds? People are just behaving according to that connection.

However, how should knowing that we are all connected affect our lives? First off, there is no “us and them”. Regardless of cultural differences, we are all connected. Forget your petty squabbles and prejudices, you may as well be directing it at yourself, as indeed you are. Secondly, whatever you think and feel affects the whole. Like dropping a pebble into a pond and watching the ripples spread, what you choose to think and feel affects the whole. Think about the implications, if society changed the way they thought and felt, things like crime would vanish—the criminals are connected as well. Thirdly, whatever you put into the stream will come back to you. Think of it as placing an order at a restaurant, ideally you get what you order, if you are going to think bitter, jealous, or angry thoughts, then you are poisoning your flow.

The best way to live in this connected world, is to act connected. View everyone and everything as an extension as you. As Jesus said, “Love your neighbour, as though he was you.”