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The Abundance That Is

Who doesn’t love abundance? Wouldn’t you just love to live in a world where lack has no meaning for you and there is plenty of everything you could possibly want or need? I know I would. I am tempted to think that we were created to live such lives; in fact I actually believe we were. So why do so many people struggle so much? Why is there a world-wide recession? Why are there kids starving in third world countries? What is going on? Well, I believe that if you could listen to the voice of collective consciousness you would hear the overwhelming call for poverty.  Who is to blame for the recession and poverty that grips this planet? We are. All of us.

When the illusion of fear sets in then people either lose what they have, or live in fear of losing it. If you want to be a part of the solution, then you need to change your own world. The world at large is a reflection of your own. The quality of your love will be reflected in the quality of your life. The Universe is love, and the expression of love is abundance. This may sound all warm and fuzzy, and your life may not be a testament to this fact, but consider this: When a parent loves his/her children they express that love with abundance, but the child has a c1395614_94816466ahoice whether or not he/she will accept that expression. There is a story about a beggar who sat on a box at the side of the street and asked the passing crowd for spare change. One day a passing man asked the beggar about the contents of the box, the beggar replied that he had never looked in the box, so he did and discovered that it was filled with gold. Another story illustrates this “A part of but not partaking” principle: A poor man at the beginning of the American dream decided to save all his money to buy a ticket for a journey from Ireland to America on a cruise ship; after a long while he finally had the money so he bought his ticket, and realising that he had no more money left he secluded himself in his cabin and ate crackers for the whole journey. The day they were set to disembark in America, he ventured from his cabin and was stopped by the captain who remarked that he had never seen the man before and asked if he had been on the cruise? The man replied that he had but he couldn’t afford the lavish meals and entertainment so he stayed in his cabin; the captain was dumbfounded, and shaking his head told the man that it was all included in the ticket price.

You see most of us stand at the side of the waterfall on a hot day and remark how lovely it would be to have the water fall on us so that we could be nice and cool, but sadly, we never actually stand under the waterfall. We bemoan the fact that abundance wants nothing to do with us, yet it is we that refuse to partake of abundance. It’s not difficult at all, and that is possibly the problem. I once heard a guru remarking that the reason more people aren’t happy is that it is because it simply isn’t complicated enough. We tend to reject the simple things, because we believe that if we don’t suffer or strive for it, then it isn’t worth it. Lies, all lies. My cats don’t suffer or strive, yet I pet them and allow them to sleep on my lap, I feed them the best food money can buy, why? Because I love them. The universe loves us, and if we are capable of such expressions then how much more is the universe?

So how do we partake then? By learning to let go of the past and be present in the now, this is how we stand under the waterfall, by learning to release negative emotions when they arise and to keep our thoughts clear of everything but love.  It is a lifestyle of releasing, a discipline of letting go. I believe that the principle of rapport applies here. Rapport basically states that the more something or someone is like us, the more we like it and vice versa. So to partake of the abundance that is the universe’s expression of love, we must become like the universe. God is love, so we must become love – and THAT is what it means to stand under the waterfall.