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Dealing with Worry

Greetings Transformation Junkies!


Do you worry?


Worry is just a consideration of something that may or may not happen. It is a moment of focusing on an undesired outcome.


Dealing with worry is as simple as choosing to focus on a desired outcome instead.


Try this the next time you catch yourself worrying: When you identify what you are worrying about state, “Yes, this is a possible outcome,” then state the desired outcome, “However, this outcome is also possible…” and once you have altered the direction of your thoughts, focus on the desired outcome instead.


What usually happens with worry is a thought followed by a feeling and then more thoughts and more feelings until you create what you don’t want, by interrupting the worry and focusing on what you want instead, you begin a new chain of thought and feeling that will lead to the creation of your desired outcome instead.


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The Wealth Files

You see what you are and you are what you see so open your eyes to the wealth that is already all around you.

You can only see the version of reality that is a reflection of you. This is fantastic news, because if you learn to see the wealth that is already all around you, then guess what is happening inside you?

If you look around and see only lack and poverty, then that is simply your belief about money that you are seeing. You are filtering the information through “poverty” filters. You see according to your beliefs, but you can change what you see by changing what you believe, and you can change what you believe by changing what you see. if you make a decision to only see the wealth all around you, and consciously look for it, then your beliefs about money will be changed. It is far easier to decide what you do want to believe about money and then consciously look for the wealth that is all around you. Keep in mind that what you believe about money is what you choose to believe about money, and what you see around you is a consequence of that choice.

This is good way to see if your money beliefs are healthy, you simply will be unable to acknowledge wealth around you in your own life, if you don’t believe its possibility for you.

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