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Generally Speaking

To spare you from having to deal with masses of information, your unconscious mind has a nifty way of helping you out. It generalizes. It takes huge chinks of information and groups it under a single label, here’s the kicker though—you choose the generalizations. Say, for instance, you believed that life is good to you, then everything that happened to you would be generalized under “life is good to me”. What if something bad happened? So glad you asked. No event is ever good or bad until it is generalized. Instead of an event being bad, it can be simply seen as feedback as to show you what you are focusing on – what you want or what you don’t want. It means that life is good or bad according to your generalizations. Choose a generalization that doesn’t serve you, and you can miss opportunities for success. It’s that serious. You will see your entire reality according to your generalizations. How are yours?

The Perfect Mirror

We live in a world of externals, this western society is obsessed with externals—by externals I mean the things that make up your life, the events, experiences and possessions that you call yours. I wonder if you recognize yourself when you look at your “world” yet?

An experiment was done not so long ago, the scientist had discovered that protons—energy particles-existed in a vacuum. He then introduced human DNA into the vacuum to see if it would have any impact on the protons, he discovered that the protons aligned themselves to the pattern of the DNA, and that this pattern remained long after the DNA was removed. When you consider that our DNA is effected by our inner state (the product of our beliefs and physiology), and that reality is essentially energy, it means that your reality is aligning with your inner world! It’s a perfect mirror, you will always find your inner world reflected back to you by an external reality. ALWAYS. We all know that you cannot alter the image of a thing in a mirror, unless you first alter the thing itself. That is why circumstance persist in your life, that is why things never seem to come right, that is why you seem to keep getting what you get. The universe will only ever give back to you what you are.

Isn’t it time you started paying more attention to your inner world? Why do you do what you do? If you are motivated by fear or insecurity, what is being reflected back to you? It’s time you realized that you actually DO have control, but there is a caveat, in order to change your reality, you need to become the change you want to see. Reality is only your reflection after all.

Why Not Me?

Sometimes you find yourself looking at what other people have, and you have a moment of “I wish”. I am sure everybody has had a moment like that, some more than others. It’s almost like that other person is special in some way, that the luck fairy has been kinder to them. Nothing could be further than the truth. There’s no such thing as luck. The next time you find yourself thinking or feeling this, stop yourself right there and ask, “Why not me?” and then wait for the reasons to present themselves, as they certainly will. If you need to, write those reasons down, and then come up with solutions to those reasons. This kind of thinking will propel you forward, once it becomes habitual you can try in vain not to succeed, but find that you are.

Taking Action

A farmer understands the laws of nature. He knows that he doesn’t make seeds grow, he plants them, but he doesn’t make them grow. He knows that if there are good rains, and the soil is good, that the seeds will germinate and grow. What happens when the rains don’t come, and the soil isn’t that great? He adds fertilizer, and he waters the ground. He takes action.

Change is like farming. Sometimes the seeds are sown and the environment is optimal for the change. Sometimes it is not.

Often a person must return to the same destructive environment from which they came, and that can make nurturing and establishing the change difficult, if not nearly impossible. To expect the change to establish, but to keep your life as it was (in the case of destructive environments) isn’t ecological at all. You need to take action.

Sometimes its changing elements of an environment, sometimes it is changing the environment itself. Sometimes it doing something differently, sometimes it is not doing anything at all.

You will know the action you need to take, but will you take it?

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Taking Responsiblity for You

You cannot make anyone else happy, if you think that you can, then you may be mistaken. No one else can make you happy, if you think that they can, you may be mistaken.

Happiness is a choice, it’s a state that you choose to be in. Sure, if you make happiness conditional on external events, then people have the power to sway your choice, but the choice is still yours. Why would you want to give someone else that power?

On the other hand, if you take responsibility for other people’s happiness, then when can you just be you and not what other people want you to be? Are you doing anyone any favours by being responsible for them?

Choosing to be responsible for yourself is the greatest gift of freedom you can give to yourself. Now you are free from the uncertainty that is other people.

Finding Your Bliss

Do you have a JOB? That’s an acronym for Just Over Broke. I think it describes a lot of people in today’s world. Feeling ok, but not particularly happy. Adding to that feeling of quiet desperation are the constant calls to “save the this! Save that! Or else!” Life can seem like just a string of dull days, with the occasional bright spot.

Time to find your bliss.

Your bliss is that thing that you love to do, that thing that you would never really think of it as “work” yet it pays your bills. Something you actually jump out of bed in the morning to do. Sound too good to be true? How can you find your bliss?

So many people have done just that, and many without a degree for that matter. So what’s stopping you? I am sure you are thinking of many reasons right now, what it all comes down to is that you simply don’t love yourself enough, yet.

If you loved yourself the most, then you would do whatever it takes to find your bliss. Life isn’t supposed to be drudgery. It’s supposed to be a grand adventure. So you can stay as you are, or you can find your bliss.

Motivation VS Inspiration

I often hear people saying that they lack motivation in their lives. That “If only I could feel motivated, I would…” Motivation is usually a case of “Do this or else,” which is fine if it works, but it is not often accompanied with positive feelings (except when it is), but rather feelings of desperation like when you are motivated to work because bills need to be paid). It’s far better to look for inspiration, as inspiration is something that breathes life into you, it’s a wonderful outcome that compels you. Inspiration is usually accompanied with hopeful and exciting feelings. So how do you find inspiration? It’s actually easier than you think. Motivation has to do with immediate consequence, the job has to get done. Inspiration is tied into your values, your goals, your dreams, your bliss. If you spend time reconnecting with who you are, the real you, then inspiration will come easily. You will find yourself compelled to move forward as you reach for what you truly value, and pursue your dreams.