The Great Goal Setting Swindle

I am tired of setting goals. I really am. They are always about some point in the future when I will have what I don’t have now, and feel what I don’t feel now.  I actually have no idea if the thing I am going for will hold any happiness for me at all; there is no real evidence to that effect.

Most people I know have dabbled with goals and now don’t bother with them. Some would say though that goal setting is the difference between success and failure. It is said that the top three percent of the world’s population are goal setters and that is what got them there, I would argue that it could rather mean that 97% of goals are not achieved.

I am being hard on goals though, I actually do think that having some sort of direction is good. The big problem with goals is that they don’t really give us anything right now. If my goal is financial freedom, it is probably because I need it right now. The other issue with goals is that most people look at where they are at right now, and where they want to be and then start to really feel the distance. The goal becomes a de-motivating factor. I remember walking down a beach once, for the longest time it seemed like I wasn’t going anywhere but then I rounded a curve and looked back and noticed I had walked for miles.

The difference between walking down a beach and going for a goal is that when you are walking down a beach you actually don’t care about the destination, it is just good to walk. Funny thing is that you end up reaching the destination anyway. When you set a goal, there is certain territory that needs to be crossed between here and there; if you don’t set the goal but cross the territory you will still reach that place. If you set the goal, but don’t cross the territory then you won’t reach it. The territory is more important than the goal. The goal only serves as a star you occasionally glimpse at to get your bearings, but it is the journey that requires the focus.

Another thing is that if I really break my goals down, they are about feeling happy and safe. “Happy and safe” is the real goal, not the “thing” I think I need to have in order to feel happy and safe. I can feel happy and safe now. If I focus on living excellently in the right now it will result in happy and safe and so much more, so why would I need the goal? Having more money won’t make me feel happy and safe (could be quite the opposite), feeling happy and safe will make me feel happy and safe. Goals are not as important as living excellently in the now. I bet there are successful people who didn’t set major goals, and I bet there are unsuccessful people who did. BUT I bet there are NO unhappy people who focus on the right now, and live excellently in it. My verdict on goals, set ‘em if you need ‘em, but only as stars to guide you.  For the rest, just live excellently in the right now and get there anyway.



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