The Art of Prayer

Something that I often hear people talk about is that their prayers don’t seem to work. It always seemed to me, back In the day, that it was other people’s prayer that got answered and never mine, leading me to the erroneous belief that there was something wrong with me, or that I didn’t have enough faith. One of the worst reasons I ever heard for “unanswered” prayer was that I was being punished for some sin or other and that I needed to “get right” with God and He would answer me.

I think that a misunderstanding of prayer has led to people thinking all kinds of nonsense about God….God doesn’t love me, God doesn’t exist, I am a bad person….etc. I don’t blame them, if you dial a number and no one answers, or worse, the number you have been given is disconnected, you could be forgiven for coming to certain conclusions. Well let me give you two truths: firstly, you are always praying; secondly, your prayers are always answered, you always get what you pray for. I am sure most of you will disagree on both counts. Some of you may even argue that since you don’t actually believe in God, how can you be praying? Ah, but this once again speaks to a misunderstanding about prayer. You see we have been conditioned to think of prayer as something we say, and then hope that it will come to pass some day. The thing is that God doesn’t use language, and some day never comes. Some people will say that of course God uses language, after all there are holy books written “by God”, and there are people who claim to hear the voice of God, I would say that these are interpretations of what God is communicating rather than the actual verbatim words themselves. Ok, before you stone me, this is just my opinion.

I think prayer works like this: visualisation + emotion = prayer.  This is why I say that you are always praying and your prayer is always being answered. You are always imagining things and feeling emotions, the thing is that you are more often than not focussed on the things you don’t want. An example: “I really don’t want to get sick this winter, but I always do,” in fact you so badly don’t want it that you fear it and take some precautions, and then you end up getting sick. Or you are so afraid of being poor that you are constantly digging yourself out of debt. Or you “always” pick the wrong guy and you so hope that this time will be different, but you are always getting over the latest bad choice. You see, if you consider what the focus is in each of these scenarios, you will realise that it is on what the person doesn’t want, rather than what they do want.

God doesn’t listen to our words, God looks at the focus behind the words – this is why you sometimes get the opposite of what you ask for, since your heart energy is focussed on the opposite – you are asking for finances but your focus is on being poor, for example. Those times when your prayers have been answered are those times when you have inner congruence, head and heart in line. You need to become aware of your focus at all times, and make sure that it is on what you want. So to pray successfully you would spend time imagining what you want as if it has already happened and focus on feeling as though it has. It’s a bit like tuning in to a radio station, the imagining and feeling gets you on the right frequency. So before you reject prayer as an option for you, realise that you are already doing it all the time so you might as well use it to your advantage.


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