Inspiration VS Motivation

So many people come to me because they don’t feel motivated, but what if a lack of motivation was you simply being told by your unconscious mind that you are indeed heading in the wrong direction? What if you don’t feel motivated because you simply shouldn’t be chasing that thing? What if the wall your ladder is against is indeed, despite what everyone else tells you, the wrong wall? My personal beef with motivation is twofold; first it presupposes that you don’t believe you already have what you are aiming for, and if you get according to the energy you project then you will continue in the state of needing motivation; second, it is like a drug, it wears off quickly and you are left needing another fix. I think motivation ultimately lets you down. Can you remember the last time you felt motivated? That’s precisely my point, there was a last time.

Enter inspiration. This is where it is at. Motivation is stepping up to the hoop and throwing shot after shot until you get one in, inspiration is getting it in on the first go. If you are going to get it in at least once, why not on the first shot? How do we get inspired in this case? It’s quite simple, you listen. Learning to listen, on the other hand, takes some practice. Our ego simply cannot abide doing nothing. Imagine taking 30 minutes out of your day to sit and be fully mindful, and simply listen. A client once asked me, “How would you make any money if you just listened?” Well, a motivated person will be busy all day trying thousands of options in the hopes that one or two will stick, an inspired person will just do those one or two things and be just as successful. The difference is that the inspired person appears to be doing nothing.

It’s a bizarre concept to most people; we are so used to chasing shadows that to do anything else seems truly crazy. The thing is that when the ego is in charge, it loves to run around and be busy going nowhere filled with its own importance. To be quiet enough to be inspired takes putting the ego aside. I find that it is generally the people who are authentic who tend to be inspired. When you are being true to the real you (not the ego the real you is wearing, but your higher self) you are living from the source of inspiration. It takes time to get there, and it is different for everyone, but it is worth the effort.

In order to assist my clients to do this, I designed the Imagine Gradual Immersion Mindfulness Meditation program, which helps you to reach a target goal of 30 minutes of mindful meditation in 90 days. I found that people who attempt to do 30 minutes a day straight away tend to drop out quickly. My point is this; it is a journey of small steps and gradual immersion. It is not about being inspired, but about learning to listen to the inspiration that is already abounding. It’s your choice really; keep running yourself ragged in the hopes that you will make it, or slow it all down and do only the things that are needed and be successful.

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