Relationship Assassins: The Seed

Please be on the lookout for “The Seed”. This inconspicuous little devil will lurk in the shadows until you least expect it, and then it will blow up in your face, leaving a wide area of destruction.

“The Seed” is cunning; it uses your own sense of strength against you. It usually goes like this, “I am not happy about…but I will get over it,” or, “What he/she did really annoyed me, but it’s no big deal.” It gives you something that you think you can deal with right now by simply ignoring it.

Of course there is no way of knowing how many relationships have been destroyed by this assassin, as it is the master of hit and run. It injects very slow working poison into your relationship that feels like a minor irritation, but if left undealt with the poison finds it way to the heart and then it is curtains for the relationship. It is sometimes hard to believe that the huge resentment that killed the relationship came from such a small seed, but if you have seen the giant Redwoods in America, you know they came from small seeds too.

The only way to deal with “the seed” is to make sure you don’t let any irritation or resentment go unresolved. Things very rarely, if ever, go away if you ignore them. Of course, it may be that the killer is poised to strike the death blow, but it may not be too late. Recognise that what is happening now had its beginning in a very small seed; that huge resentment you are feeling is merely the fruit of “The Seed” and if you are prepared to be honest you will realise that you are responsible for allowing it to take root in the first place. You need to realise is not the big things that destroy a relationship, but the many little things you allow to go unchecked.

Wanted: “The Seed”, for crimes against unsuspecting lovers.

Reward: A much greater chance at relational happiness.

If you have seen it in your relationship and need help, please go to immediately!


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  1. Awesome read! Thank you Anthony 🙂

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