The Quickest Route

Everyone is a sucker for the quickest route. So we are always on the lookout for shortcuts and more direct routes. If you were to fly from Johannesburg to London, the quickest route would be a direct flight; making lots of stops would make the journey long and undesirable. When it comes to the achievement of our goals however, while a direct route is good, shorter steps will get us there quicker than big ones. Perhaps this is why most people fail to achieve their goals, and why so many don’t even set any in the first place.

I am all for setting crazy big goals, but I am not for attempting to get there in one big leap. See, most people will set a big goal and give up because they just don’t believe they can get to it, or they attempt and fail. Goals require daily attention if they are to be reached, and that includes thinking “as if” you have already achieved it. If the goal is just too big, then you simply will reject thoughts such as “I am a millionaire”. You can only be it if you feel it, and you can only feel it if you can think it, and you can only consistently think it if you can believe it.  So if you can’t believe it, it is highly likely you won’t achieve it.

So how do you know if you don’t believe what you are thinking? That is very simple, it doesn’t feel right. You may have a feeling of doubt or an unsettled feeling in your tummy. Psychologists call this “cognitive dissonance”, and it is very useful. Please be aware though that cognitive dissonance feels like a “no” but it isn’t as simple as that. It simply means that what you want (as you want it now) is outside of your comfort zone. Most people abandon their efforts at that point or they will keep trying for a few days but go back to what feels more “right”. Do you know what I am talking about?

Getting the “buy in” of your unconscious mind is essential, think of your conscious mind as the goal setter and your unconscious mind as the goal getter. If your unconscious mind doesn’t agree with what you are consciously rehearsing then you can forget about it, you will get no support in terms of drive and motivation. Changing your unconscious mind by repeating the “affirmation” is a long and tedious process. Here is what you do instead, and this will give you a rewarding sense of movement and a source of motivation, you chunk down. When you feel the cognitive dissonance, take a mental step back to smaller details. “I am a millionaire” would become “I earn an extra R10 000 per month”. An extra R10 000 is not a million, but you will have to achieve that on the way to the million. If you experience cognitive dissonance on the next step down then chunk down again until you reach believability. If you go as far as you can and still have cognitive dissonance, then perhaps that is the real “no”. What seems like a “no” can become a “yes” when you chunk down to the smaller details.

Once you reach believability, stick to that as your “mini” goal. This is just a stepping stone, and territory you will have to cross on the way to your big goal. Now instead of paralysis there is steady movement taking small steps. The small goals may seem insignificant, but when you consider that they are territory that must be crossed on the way to achieving the big goal ANYWAY, marking out the route to your big goal step by small step guarantees that you will achieve it.

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  1. Hi Anthony – makes you think

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