Why Sympathy Doesn’t Always Help

Feeling sorry for someone is the wrong thing to do. For two reasons, it only adds to their misery, and it creates the same situation in your life.

Sounds heartless, until you realize that you actually add to their suffering instead of easing it. It may bring them a little comfort at first, but remember that life is all about vibration and feeling is vibration, and vibration attracts like.

There’s only one of two things that you can do, help them to find value in their life and thus change their vibration, or remove yourself from the situation. I would only advise comforting or supporting someone so long as it does not affect your vibrational state, but if you can’t keep your state and stay in their presence then the best thing will be to leave. You will make things worse for them, and for you.



About On Track Coaching

I am a transformation junkie (a Master Life Coach and Naturopathic Nutritionist) who believes in the unlimited potential of the individual. Get On Track to the life of your dreams!

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