Everything Counts

Have you noticed how people who say that money is not important, never seem to have any?

Everything is important in context. You may claim that love is more important that money, but you can’t pay bills with love, and you can’t fall in money.

A good attitude is important in this context, because if you start deciding what is important and what isn’t, you maybe be pushing away what you really need.

Show me somebody who claims that one thing is more important than another, and I will tell you about their lives. If you want to have more control in life, then you need to become more flexible in your behaviour.

Instead of saying “money” is not important, try saying, “Money is important in the right context,” and see how that affects your life.

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About On Track Coaching

I am a transformation junkie (a Master Life Coach and Naturopathic Nutritionist) who believes in the unlimited potential of the individual. Get On Track to the life of your dreams!

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