Be a Change Agent

There’s no denying that from a particular point of view, the world is on a knife’s edge.  You can complain about it, or, you can DO something about it. It’s all about energy.

You see, if you spend your time complaining about stuff, then you put yourself on the same frequency as that stuff, and you will get more of that stuff, plus, you will be adding to the pool of misery that so many people are wallowing in.

Why not be the change you want to see around you. If selfish people bug you, then be totally unselfish; if bad drivers bug you, then be a good driver; if foul language bugs you, then use only clean language. I guarantee that in a short time you will see the environment around you change, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the world around you changes as well.

Good vibrations, the Beach Boys were on to something with that song.

Consider this, do you complain because your reality sucks? Or does your reality suck because you complain? There’s only one way to find out: Quit complaining for a week, and that’s not just what you say, but what you think as well. See what happens, you will be glad you tried it.


About On Track Coaching

I am a transformation junkie (a Master Life Coach and Naturopathic Nutritionist) who believes in the unlimited potential of the individual. Get On Track to the life of your dreams!

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